Rush Limbaugh says more cash needed for Costa Rica ticket


Many have been asking conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh to accept a free plane ride to Costa Rica, and is raising money to do just that. And Rush has noticed – however, he said that the $1.4K they had raised at the time of his comment wasn’t enough to cover a bottle of wine on the kind of aircraft he uses.

“I gotta tell you something, you guys at ATicketforRush, 1,400 bucks won’t even buy a bottle of wine on my plane,” said Limbaugh on air. “You guys have so far to go. In fact, I refuse to fly commercial. If you guys really want to get me to leave for Costa Rica, I don’t even want to tell you how much it would cost you.”

For its part, noted that the as yet unrevealed wine list was a setback and said they’ll keep working on it. They reported the total raised so far at $2,201 as of about noon on 3/24/10.

Limbaugh discouraged his listeners from contributing to the fund, saying its ultimate destination was Planned Parenthood, an organization he does not support.

Meanwhile, travel agency Joan Travel Partners isn’t waiting for donations – it says it will pay Rush’s way, as long as it’s one way. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is asking people to sign a going-away e-card it is planning to send to Limbaugh.

RBR-TVBR observation: A growing number of organizations are having fun with this relatively trivial sideshow to the health care debate. But in the end, the whole thing is probably a downgrade from the free publicity Limbaugh used to get from the Obama administration.

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Rush Limbaugh Costa Rica plane ticket budget met