Russo comments on WNEW’s return


Rich Russo, JL Media’s SVP/Director of Broadcast Services, and a major proponent of bringing better radio formats to the dial, comments on our story (see Programming Business Report) about CBS Radio bringing back the old WNEW to NYC: “It would have been nice five years ago and really would have nice if they blew up K-Rock to do this on the dial. Norm Winer is one of the best PDs and music minds in radio so that’s great and they have great archival content. The potential negative is that WNEW is a tarnished brand because of how they mangled it years ago and 95% of the content is out there now anyway via the music blogs etc.  The most important thing is that rock is now being thought of again and finally NYC is addressed with new options such as WRXP, etc. Honestly, it’s about time…”