Rusty Humphries goes to Afghanistan


Talk Radio Network's Rusty Humphries was invited as the sole journalist to chronicle a secret, "Need to know," inspection of NATO's efforts in Afghanistan by Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, General John Craddock.  This trip to the front lines of the Afghanistan war zone triggered Humphries' three part investigation of the War on Terror outside of the US.

Humphries reports that the influence of extremists in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, is pervasive and troubling. He says Afghanistan continues to face the threat of a Taliban resurgence and remains a major producer of opium and there is an active attempt to cut off the drug trade as a source of income for terrorists. 
London was his final stop, with an interview of the infamous Member of Parliament, George Galloway.  Galloway, now that Tony Blair has stepped down, is the best known member of Parliament and is quite outspoken against The Iraq War and The Bush Administration. During the interview, Humphries and Galloway got into a war of words. So much so, Galloway attempted to have him arrested inside the halls of Parliament.