Rusty Humphries is now murder target


Rusty Humphries, host of “The Rusty Humphries Show” on Talk Radio Network, has been threatened with murder by online Islamists linked with pro-al Qaeda groups, reports

At a Google-hosted blog entitled “The Jew Report,” an online commentator who calls himself “Musab” posted a picture of Humphries, along with a caption labeling him a “Fat descusting [sic] pig.” The posting continues: “The Brothers in Florida have been getting harassed none [sic] stop because of him many of his kind are in the police and listen to what he says this Fat animal is attacking muslim women on the streets down there and the muslims have had enough. His Radio show was the cause of Mosques getting raided by police and FBI and he booasts [sic] about it on his Radio show. The Shaabab and muslim Leaders have said enough is enough he has to go and they dont [sic] mean move. Their [sic] is no muslims where he,s from in Windermere Florida but that doesnt [sic] stop him from driving to Orlando where there [sic] is [sic] many muslims Inshallah we will see his Fat rottan [sic] torso dumped in the side of the road or in some Florida swomp [sic].”

Humphries’ reporting and outspoken opposition with regard to Islamist terrorism, which has included face-to-face meetings with members of Palestinian terrorist groups as well as pro-terrorist Muslims in the UK, resulted in at least two previous fatwas against him. “These threats only prove me right,” said Humphries. “The terrorist response to anyone who points out their violent and hypocritical ways is just to threaten more violence and destruction.”

Humphries reported the “Jew Report” death threat to local and federal law enforcement officials, who are investigating. While the fatwa does not specify which high-ranking Muslim leaders have approved Humphries’ assassination, the Shaabab is a youth group that provides fighters to Islamic terrorists groups across the globe.

According to, “Musab” is connected with terrorist-backing CEO of Yousef Al-Khattab, who stated that he “might” know who is the author of the fatwa. “Musab” is reportedly based in Dublin, Ireland, where he also hosts, a website dedicated to the views of the Irish Ansar Al-Mujahideen, an Islamist group connected with al-Qaeda.