Rusty Humphries talks about being detained in Egypt (audio)


Rusty in Egypt:

RBR-TVBR First: After Talk Radio Network’s Rusty Humphries was detained 5/24 in Egypt with his Atlanta affiliate news director Jennifer Perry, they were released. But it took some time.

The goal was to visit the Israeli-Egyptian border and do a quick recorded report. But after being detained for well over an hour things were getting a bit frightening.

Perry was driven to tears from the interrogation, but thankfully the Egyptian officials holding them were kind to her. A bit shaken as well, Humphries (who was accused of being a spy), is still doing his show live from Jerusalem 5/25 and will discuss his ordeal.

RBR-TVBR got a chance to speak to Rusty and hear his story. Listen to the audio by clicking on the player, above.