Sacramento and beverages ads examined


According to Arbitron, Sacramento is the 27th largest radio market with a population of 1,850,200. According to Media Monitors, the #1 radio advertiser in that market last week was Shane Company with 549 spots. The US Department of Health & Human Services was #2 with 476 spots. The Home Depot was #3 with 456 spots, while the HD Digital Radio Alliance was #4 with 443 ads. Sleep  Train was #5 running 437 commercials and Save Mart Supermarkets was #6 airing 416 ads. Mattress Discounters West came in #7 with 400 spots and Elk  Grove Auto Mall drove from #15 to #7 with 383 spots. Verizon pops from #287 to #9 airing 382 spots, while AT&T jumps from #12 to #10 with 382 spots.

In the nation, the #1 alcoholic beverage advertised on the radio last week was BUD LIGHT running 4,862 spots. Coming in #2 was its brother BUDWEISER with 3,525 spots, while COORS LIGHT hit #3 with 2,693 spots. CROWN ROYAL was #4 airing 1,743 commercials and SAM ADAMS WINTER LAGER was #5 with 1,313 spots. COORS LIGHT HOME DRAFT was #6 with 1,026 spots and SAMUEL ADAMS was #7 with 954 spots. Popping in at #8 was SAM ADAMS BOSTON LAGER with 932 spots and MILLER LIGHT was #9 running 905 spots. Coming in at #10 was BUCHANAN’S with 885 spots.

Media Monitors has a new #1 this week, THE HOME DEPOT rising from #2 with 45,147 spots. Dropping to #2 was GEICO with 30,441 spots. LOWE’S surges from #16 up to #3 with 30,142 ads, while WAL-MART was #4 airing 26,723 spots. MCDONALD’S was #5 with 24,964 spots.

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