Sacramento radio death trial moves to defense


The attorney for the family of Jennifer Strange, who died after drinking as much water as she could in a 2007 contest on Entercom’s KKND-FM Sacramento, wrapped up his case Tuesday. The trial began its 4th week on Monday, with the judge dismissing Entercom Sacramento VP/GM John Geary as a defendant. That left only Entercom Sacramento and its parent company, Entercom Communications as defendants in the case.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported that Entercom’s lawyer asked for a mistrial Tuesday after the lawyer for the family mentioned the criminal investigation into the death by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. No criminal charges were ever filed. The motion to declare a mistrial was denied.

Strange’s two young children, now aged six and three, took the stand as the final witnesses for the family. They, however, were not asked anything about their mother’s death, but rather about such things as school activities and playmates, the newspaper reported.

The defense began by calling the doctor from the local coroner’s office who conducted the autopsy on Strange in 2007. She testified about the rarity of people dying from water intoxication. It was during her cross-examination that the reference was made to the criminal investigation.