SAG election loser now a winner


Anne-Marie Johnson lost to Ken Howard in a bitterly contested battle for the Presidency of the Screen Actors Guild, but now the leader of the radical Membership First faction has staged a comeback. Johnson was elected 1st Vice President of SAG by the Hollywood Division board of directors.

“I am honored to have been re-elected 1st vice president of the Screen Actors Guild and I hope to continue to help lead with honesty, inclusion and determination. We are and will be facing extraordinary challenges and it is my responsibility, as SAG’s 1st V.P., to do my best to continue to put the concerns and well being of SAG members first,” said Johnson. “I would again like to thank and express my deepest appreciation to Alan Rosenberg for his tireless dedication and love for this union, and to Connie Stevens for her hard work on behalf of the members. I look forward to serving alongside President Ken Howard, Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino and the newly elected and returning SAG board members. For the union’s sake, I hope we find that we have more in common with regard to the future of the Screen Actors Guild than it may appear,” she added.

Rosenberg had been the previous President from the Membership First faction and Stevens was Johnson’s running mate for secretary-treasurer in the recent election. Howard and Aquino were on the winning slate of the moderate Unite for Strength faction.

The SAG New York Division Board elected Division President Mike Hodge to the position of 2nd vice president.

The Regional Branch Division will elect the 3rd national vice president at its next two-day board meeting October 15 and 16.

RBR-TVBR observation: For Ken Howard, it’s kind of how it would be if Barack Obama had somehow been stuck with Sarah Palin as his vice president.