Sale of KKAY OK despite protest


An application to transfer the license of KKAY-FM White Castle LA from Cactus Communications, LLC to Stafford and Starr came under fire from what the FCC called “alleged locals,” including a local mayor, who wanted the transfer denied. But the charges in the denial didn’t make it beyond the threshold of “alleged” in their own right.

The deal, filed with the FCC 11/28/08, is valued at $225K.

White Castle Mayor Maurice A. Brown led the protest, joined by Harry Hoyler and Donaldsonville LA Fire Department Chief Chuck Montero. Brown noted that the sale should be denied because local citizens rely on the station as “…the only voice for the Black community in [the] area.” Hoyler and Montero discussed alleged bankruptcy proceedings and fraudulent actions on the part of the buyers. Brown had 17 other people signed on to a petition he submitted, which the FCC called ‘alleged” citizens of White Castle.

Brown was speculating on the future, but there is no evidence the buyers plan to change the format. And of course, even if there were any evidence, the FCC would be powerless to do anything about it.

The Hoyler Montero objections also came in late, but were treated as informal objections. However, Hoyler and Montero did nothing to substantiate any of their charges. In the absence of any evidence whatsoever, the FCC had no choice but to stand by its approval of the transaction.