Salem Commits to Digital


SalemMediaGroupClip Interactive helps radio stations get their material out to listeners in a wide variety of formats in addition to good old over the air, and Salem has upgraded its use of the service from experiment to policy.

CI gives radio stations the ability to go on mobile and internet devices and adds interactive and other benefits.

Salem first used the service in Portland in 2013. It added Atlanta and San Antonio the next year, and is now committing its entire 29-market 109-station group.

“We had launched the Clip Interactive apps in a few markets and truly believe that this is the most comprehensive and innovative solution for our company,” said Rodney Whitaker, director of digital media, Salem Communications. “The solution is being utilized and interacted with regularly by our listeners, creating increased value for our advertising clients and revenue gains for the stations.”

RBR+TVBR observation: In the competition with the ever-expanding world of digital audio, radio must use every weapon it can get its hands on.

Using digital to confront the Pandoras of the world on their own mobile and internet turf is a key component of any forward-looking strategy.

We keep reading that digital is the fastest-growing advertising medium. It seems completely logical to us that every radio company out there should also consider itself to be a digital company.

Go for it!