Salem expands to the southwest of Washington DC


Christopher Roth signed a contract to acquire an AM station from Metro Radio Inc. However, his tenure as buyer will go into the history books as a brief one, as he has signed the rights to acquire the station over to religious giant Salem Communications, which already has three stations in the market.

The station is WKDL-AM Warrenton VA. It’s located in the exurbs of Washington DC and well to the southwest of both the market and Salem’s other stations – so as a matter of FCC policy and regulation, it does not impact any local ownership caps. However, it would be an entirely legal acquisition for Salem if it did.

The price for the station will be a modest $10K cash.

The seller is headed by Bruce A. Houston.

WKDL operates on 1250 kHz, with 3 kW-D, 125 W-N, DA2.

Salem’s other stations in the area include WAVA AM & FM, both licensed to Arlington VA, and WWRC-AM, licensed to Washington DC.