Salem gives Jesus his own website


Salem Web Network, the online division of Salem Communications, announced its latest online initiative: Salem says the website is designed to answer common questions and misconceptions about the life of Jesus Christ.

The interactive website features video, audio, and articles assembled from respected pastors and Christian scholars who hold a high respect for the message of the historic Gospel accounts.

“We see in academia and in our culture, many voices undermining the significance of the most important person to walk the face of the earth,” said Stephen McGarvey, Editorial Director of Salem Web Network. “We’ve built to assert both the historical truths of Jesus Christ’s life, and the truth of the Gospels. Our goal is to create a trusted source of answers for anyone with questions about the significance of Jesus Christ.” says it advances the Gospel accounts of the ministry and teaching of Jesus Christ by offering biblically based answers to the questions surrounding His birth, life, death, and resurrection. “This rich database of content provides access to some of the most scholarly thinking available about Jesus. The assembled group of contributors — such as Alistair Begg, Greg Laurie, Bruce Ware and John Piper — answer some of the most important and frequently asked questions about who Christ is and what he means to us today,” said McGarvey.

“We are excited to bring together such a large group of solid biblical scholars and communicators who have devoted their lives to studying the teachings of Jesus. We believe that will be a wonderful resource both for those intent on studying everything surrounding Christ, as well as those who are simply curious about the most important figure in history,” said Tom Perrault, Executive Vice President of Salem Web Network.

RBR-TVBR observation: We checked some of the similar web addresses. transfers to the webpage of the Metropolitan Community Churches, a denomination rooted in the gay/lesbian community. promotes a widget to put Christian messages on websites. is a Christian search site. doesn’t go anywhere.