Salem LA station sued for political leanings


Salem’s KRLA-AM in Los Angeles is typical of many conservative Talk stations – it runs a lineup of conservative Talkers including Laura Ingraham and others. But one local resident says the company is serving the interests of the Republican Party, not the public, and is taking the matter to court. According to the Glendale News Press, David Birke is the plaintiff, and he has named Salem Communications, exec Edward G. Atgsinger III and seven of the station’s hosts as defendants.

Birke says the lawsuit is not based on anything any of the hosts have said; rather, it is the lack of any balance from the other side. He said no hosts supporting Democratic Party principles or candidates are ever given a time slot on the station; that calls from Democrats wishing to participate in on-air discussions are screened out; and that it violates campaign finance regulation “…by providing free media for advertising, attacks on Democrats, fundraising, and promotion exclusively to GOP officials and candidates.”

RBR/TVBR observation: The First Amendment and the absence of the Fairness Doctrine should shoot this case down in short order, just as they would shoot down a similar attack on a liberal Talker.