Salem partners with Rebecca St. James for national tour


In a venture that highlights the natural symbiotic relationship between the radio and music industries, Christian media group Salem Communications and Christian performing artist Rebecca St. James are getting together to produce a national concert tour running through Salem’s radio markets.

The series of concerts will kick off in Colorado markets, including Colorado Springs and Denver, 9/16 and 9/17, and will run through December.

Radio affiliates will be looking forward to the tour, the itinerary of which already runs through Washington, D.C. Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Omaha, San Antonio, and Houston.

It’s being called the “Purity & Worship Tour” and is aimed at drawing in young listeners and their parents, which Salem says is one of St. James’ motivating principles.

David Santrella, President of Salem’s Radio Division, said, “The message of purity and abstinence in today’s culture that is saturated by sexual imagery is perhaps one of the most important messages young women can hear. Rebecca St. James has been uniquely gifted with the ability to deliver through her music and her ministry, a message of sexual purity in a way that easily connects with parents and their daughters, helping to open the door to discussions which may not otherwise occur. Salem Communications is proud to be partnering with Rebecca to present The Purity & Worship Tour which will deliver that message in an entertaining and relatable way to our Salem markets nationwide.”

Salem owns radio stations – 95 in 37 markets at last count, and many other media assets in both traditional and new media.

RBR-TVBR observation: This makes sense on so many levels – and it’s an idea that is worth considering by any radio group that has a presence in a number of markets.