Salem Radio Network partners with TX anti-EPA group


The Texas Public Policy Foundation believes that the Environmental Protection Agency is making life for Americans more difficult by making life difficult for energy producers, and Salem Radio Network agrees. The two entities are partnering to advocate the lessening of regulatory burdens enforced by EPA.

TPPF announced the partnership at a luncheon featuring syndicated SRN talker William Bennett.

SRN’s Lee Habeeb stated, “Our listeners are part of a broad consensus of Americans who want more good-paying jobs in America, abundant and inexpensive energy, and to quit bankrolling foreign governments that mean our country harm. As we surveyed the landscape, we saw the Texas Public Policy Foundation as perfectly situated to explain what stands in the way of our country achieving those goals.”

“Texans understand that economic growth depends on many factors – one of them being a reliable supply of affordable energy,” said Foundation president Brooke Rollins. “This project will help Americans in other parts of the country understand the high price they pay from allowing federal bureaucracies to undermine our energy security.”

RBR-TVBR observation: You can agree with TPPF or not – the fact is that this is a highly controversial issue, with strong passions on both sides. As a media company seeking an audience that is as inclusive as possible, this is an excellent example of the kind of issue to avoid. However, a network like SRN, which is well aware of the political makeup of its audience, can easily afford to take a strong stand without risking the loss of a significant number of listeners.