Salem, watchdog work to derail health reform


The National Center for Policy Analysis helped turn back the Clinton health reform initiative and is trying to do the same with the Obama attempt, and Salem Radio Network is finding citizens throughout America ready to sign on. So far, it claims to have gathered over 1M signatures opposing “nationalization of the American health care system.”

SRN personalities Mike Gallagher, Bill Bennett, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and Janet Parshall have all been pushing the petition. SRN claims that their programs reach 90% of the US.

“This is and continues to be an amazing response from a large segment of the American people,” explained SRN president Greg Anderson. “Talk radio is at the epicenter of public opinion and citizens from all across the country are making their concerns known loud and clear.”

They are planning to deliver the petition to Congress in late August, hopefully with more than 1.3M names appended, thus topping a summer 2008 petition drive on off-shore drilling gathered by Newt Gingrich.