Sam Matheny named NAB EVP/Chief Technology Officer


Sam_MathenyThe NAB announced Sam Matheny, Vice President of Policy and Innovation at Raleigh-based Capitol Broadcasting Co., will join NAB as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer on July 15.

Matheny, 42, comes to NAB with a proven record of leadership in advanced digital technology strategies at Capitol.

Before joining the corporate staff in 2012, Matheny was a principal in several Capitol Broadcasting media ventures: General Manager at News Over Wireless, which provided the first local television news applications for wireless carriers; Manager of Digital Cinema at Microspace Communications, deploying digital cinema as a viable market for satellite delivery; and Vice President & General Manager at DTV Plus, which developed and launched the nation’s first DTV datacasting service.

In his current role at Capitol, Matheny has guided strategic investment decisions in new media, secured patents enabling distribution of broadcast content via the Internet; engaged North Carolina state emergency management officials in developing emergency services using the ATSC Mobile Alert System (M-EAS) to enhance the use of broadcast airwaves as a lifeline in times of crisis. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and chairs its Standards Transition Subcommittee as well as having served as chair of the Specialist Group on ATSC 2.0 broadcast standards.

Matheny is currently a member of the FCC Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council and is a member of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers.

“NAB is thrilled to have Sam Matheny joining the team as our new CTO,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “Sam’s roots are in broadcast localism and service to the community, but he is also a technology strategist determined to push broadcasters to embrace digital and Internet opportunities that generate revenue. Today, tens of millions of our listeners and viewers are legally accessing broadcast programming on platforms and devices that are IP-based, portable and mobile. We believe Sam is the right choice to press these digital strategies forward and lead our industry’s technology future.”

Matheny called the NAB job a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“I’ve admired NAB and its seasoned leadership team for many years, and it’s an honor to be joining such a well-regarded organization,” said Matheny. “This is a fantastic time to be leading NAB’s Technology Department, which has a tremendous responsibility to help forge our industry’s leadership well into the future. Broadcasters reach hundreds of millions of users every day, and we are increasingly doing this on multiple digital platforms. This is a critical time of change and technology development, and I look forward to building on the NAB’s strong track record of success, innovation and service.”