San Francisco noncom TV for sale


KCSM-TV San Mateo CA is said to be putting a hurt on the budget of licensee San Mateo Community College – and for that reason, the College is electing to put the station up for auction. It lives on digital Channel 43 and serves the San Francisco DMA.

The San Mateo County Community College District has bidding information available on its website. It is accepting offers until 2/14/12 – we suppose making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift with that special someone with a penchant for educational programming and underwriting announcements.

According to The Current, there are already two interested parties lined up to make bids. Current also notes that the station is facing a “structural deficit” of $800K.

KCSM became a footnote to the history of indecency enforcement via its 2006 airing of a documentary on blues musicians that featured interviews with “s” and “f” bombs. Despite the educational nature of the program, the station was hit with a $15K fine – despite the fact that an airing of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” was allowed to air with its bad language intact. Hence the complaints that FCC enforcement of indecency regulations is indecipherable.