San Francisco TV station sold


KTLN lives on digital channel 47 and resides on virtual channel 68, and is located in Novato CA, across the water from the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA. The news at the station is that it is headed for new ownership.

It’s currently owned by Christian Communications of Chicagoland Inc., headed by Jerry K. Rose. It’s on its way to OTA Broadcasting (SFO) LLC, which has a trio of partners – Michael S. Dell, Todd Lawyer and William Tolgepin.

The price is $8M cash. $500K will go into escrow, and the rest of the money is due at closing.

The station uses a religious format – in fact, the call letters refer to its program source, the Total Living Network.

An LMA is provided for in the contract at a date mutually convenient to the buyer and seller.