Sandusky Seattle Radio Group adds 'Quu' Platform


Sandusky Seattle Radio Group’s stations are the first anywhere to commercially launch a new technology platform that makes all commercials and programming fully interactive creating an Internet-like experience.

The patent-pending Quu technology, developed by Seattle-based Quu, Inc. (, transforms commercial radio into a rich medium with interactive advertising and couponing, on-demand radio commerce, content tagging, integration with social media applications and a demonstrated return on investment. The system’s launch follows a comprehensive six-month test that began in August 2008.

Once a radio station has signed up for the service, it begins promoting to its listeners that the station is now fully interactive. When listeners hear something they are especially interested in — whether it’s a song, advertisement or interaction with a DJ — they send a text message including the station’s frequency or name. In return, they will receive the name of the song and artist; an automated callback where they can choose between hearing more details, receiving a video of the ad or connection to the advertiser; or a chance to go live on air, be automatically entered into a station promotion or have their “vote” counted. Couponing can be linked to any of these activities.

Listeners who choose to register will enjoy a richer experience with additional features such as social networking.

Quu allows radio stations to increase their ad revenue and listenership. Advertisers can begin reaping benefits from the system, including receiving leads and conversion statistics, without making any changes to their spots. Quu provides real-time metrics on user-engagement and interest in their marketing messages. It empowers advertisers to test a variety of approaches and make meaningful mid-course, interactive content changes.

Sandusky Radio is a privately held, family owned company operating five radio properties in the Seattle market — Pop Oldies KIXI AM 880, Rhythmic AC MOViN(TM) 92.5 KQMV, Alternative Talk 1150 AM KKNW, Today’s Soft Favorites KRWM WARM 106.9 FM and Smooth Jazz 98.9 KWJZ — as well as five radio properties in the Phoenix market.