Satellite Capacity Rises for Olympics


SatelliteSES said it had a record uptake on its satellite capacity for the games in Rio compared to previous Olympics. A total of 23,000 hours of capacity was booked on four SES satellites to enable transmission to The Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

SES served a total of 10 television broadcasters based in the US, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil and Japan, which includes Eurovision, CNN / Turner and Nippon Television Network, reports Advanced Television.

SES GM Richard Lamb says the company has provided satellite capacity for the Olympics since 2000. “For the first time ever, we are using more capacity on more satellites to broadcast more hours of sporting events and news coverage of the Games to a truly global audience.”

The significance of the increased demand is that broadcasters continue to view satellite as “a cost-effective way to broadcast excellent image quality of sporting events live to millions of viewers around the world.”