Saturday is Fey Day


Tina Fey’s stone cold impersonation of VP candidate Sarah Palin (R-AK) is wowing critics and the public alike and driving viewership to NBC’s iconic Saturday Night Live. We simply want it on the record that we are not surprised. We are somewhat more familiar with Alaska politicians than most simply as a byproduct of covering the Ted Stevens (R-AK) indictment. So while we were surprised, like everybody else, when we first learned that John McCain had selected Palin as his running mate, we at least knew who she was and what she looked like. And our first comment, made not in this space but to friends in a non-professional context, was that McCain probably thought he was picking Tina Fey to run for VP. It therefore follows that someone as talented as Fey is naturally suited to play the role of Palin. And sure enough it happened. If we said it here rather than to our friends, we’d now be saying you heard it first right here. Can we say it retroactively?