“Saturday Night Live” hits middle age


snlOn February 15, NBC will air a star-studded 40th anniversary live special of its legendary sketch-comedy show “Saturday Night Live”.

So who can we expect to see on the show and in the audience on the big night?

“The rules we used were these,” said producer Lorne Michaels. “Every host was invited. Every musical guest was invited. Any castmember and writer who had been here longer than a year was invited. Not everybody is going to come. The other rule we used, which was just the simplest way to go, was if people sent back their RSVP, they were in the mix of people we could write for. On the 25th anniversary — which turned out remarkably well and was the first time I thought, “I could stop now and be good” — we did mostly live moments with tape and clips. This time, we have some of that, but we’re doing more performances.”

It will be interesting to see the ratings for this one.