Savage book sales surpass Pelosi project


WorldNetDaily reports Michael Savage’s new autobiography, self-published and available on the website, has surpassed the sales of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent publication, "Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters."

Savage, who has authored other books including "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder," "The Enemy Within" and "The Savage Nation, has released "Psychological Nudity: Savage Radio Stories" on his website.

Officials for Savage’s radio show, which is heard by an estimated 8-10 million listeners weekly, confirmed to WND that publicly available sales totals for Pelosi’s book after one week were about 2,300, and while they wanted to withhold exact numbers, sales of "Psychological Nudity" had surpassed that significantly in its first week.
"The power of talk radio and the Internet is once again being ignored by the failing publishing and newspaper industries," the officials said in a prepared statement.

Pelosi’s book was ranked No. 39,682 on, and had 159 customer reviews. Fifteen of those gave it a five-star rating, two were at four stars, one was at three stars, three were at two stars and 138 were at one star.
Savage’s book derives from his life experiences, from Fiji to the Bronx. The host of the nation’s third-largest nationally syndicated radio program has compiled more than 75 stories from his past, including "One Armed Frank," "Love by the Sewer Plant," "Tippy the Dog Dies and is Thrown in a Garbage Truck," "The Yarn Man Gets Brain Cancer" and dozens of others.