Savage dominates in January


WestwoodOne has put together a chart showing ratings highlights for “The Savage Nation” in top markets during the show’s first month in its new timeslot. He’s beating Hannity in five major markets, 25-54:

Savage chart


  1. Q: What were the ratings before Savage?
    A: They were higher.

    Q: What were the ratings before Hannity?
    A: Lower

    • You see what the fine people of Cumulus do not like to think about… Loss of Sean Hannity means a loss of ratings. I do not expect Cumulus to make good decisions. I used to listen to WBAP of Fort Worth, Texas but they screwed up by hiring a guy who sounds like a shouting retard… I frequently do not tune in at all, but when I do I tune out when I hear the shouting retard. I listen to KSKY more these days because they have Mark Davis and Sean Hannity.

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