Savage re-ups with Westwood One/Cumulus


Michael SavageIconic radio talk host Michael Savage will continue to broadcast The Savage Nation on Cumulus radio network Westwood One, and has a couple of other tricks up his sleeve to announce.

First, Savage is expanding his scope under the brand “Unprotected Talk.” Politics will continue to be a major part of the show, but it will expand into other areas, decribed as “…real-life issues that his millions of listeners are talking about every day including topics such as health, science, religion, culture and more.”

Second, Savage announced $100,000 in scholarship money with will be awarded to conservative college students. Five recipients will receive $10K for each of two years. The winners will be selected on the basis of their authorship of an essay entitled “What Does It Mean to Be an American?” The competition for the scholarships opens 1/15/15.

“I am uniquely positioned to discuss a wide range of topics while maintaining an authentic, unapologetic voice because of my academic background. While others focus on Obamacare, I discuss health issues,” Savage said. “I’m not shying away from politics and I’m not running for office like others in the media. Cumulus has allowed me to expand my reach, but my goal has remained the same – to deliver the best, most comprehensive commentary on radio and edutain the world in the process. With my new scholarship fund I can now help inspire the next generation by encouraging education and conservative values.”

“We are thrilled to continue this long-standing relationship with Michael and look forward to the continued success of the show,” said John Dickey, Executive Vice President of Content and Programming. “Michael has maintained his position as not just a trusted voice in radio, but as a cultural icon.”


  1. I’ve wondered why every day between 5:30 and 5:45 PM Eastern time (or 2:30 to 2:45 in San Francisco, where the program originates), the show repeats a segment that aired earlier that day at 3:30 PM, or repeats a segment that already aired a day or two before. It is not announced that the segment is a rerun; the segment is made to appear live. I thought this might be to give Mr. Savage an extended break, but why have a break when there’s only a half hour of program left? He returns live at 5:45 to finish the show.

    Would anyone know the reason for the fifteen minute daily repeat?

    • The simple answer is because Savage likes to replay an earlier segment he think is good to replay, and it saves him from having to do an extra segment.

      Savage is famous for doing short shows.

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