Savage scores big in new time slot


Michael SavageIn January, in 25-54, Savage beat and in some cases doubled Hannity’s AQH audience, according to new Nielsen numbers provided to Politico by an industry insider. He and Hannity are battling it out for the coveted 3-6 PM slot.

“In New York, Savage’s program on WABC averaged 9,500 AQH for 25-54, while Hannity’s WOR program averaged just 5,000. In Dallas, Savage’s WBAP program averaged 3,600 to Hannity’s 1,900 on KSKY. In San Francisco, his KSFO program averaged 3,700, almost doubling Hannity’s 2,000 on KNEW. In Detroit, his WJR-AM program had a 4,200, more than five-times Hannity’s [600] on WDTK-AM,” said the story.

Hannity continues to command a larger national audience, with more than 13.25 million listeners per week to Savage’s 5.0 million, according to the story. Hannity is on roughly 500 stations, Savage is on roughly 200 stations—but they’re five big-market 50-kW signals, commanding better numbers, especially in those markets. WABC, WJR, WBAP, etc…

Meanwhile, here are some good news numbers for Hannity that we received:

Hannity’s move to Clear Channel-owned WOR-AM has helped boost the year-to-year afternoon drive audience:

Year-to-year growth (JAN’13 to JAN’14):

WOR-AM M-F 3p-6p

P 12+ +79.1%

A 25-54 +22.0%

M 25-54 +104.8%

Savage’s new timeslot on WABC-AM has resulted in a decrease in audience year-to-year and month-to-month:


A 25-54 -19.6% from DEC’13 (month-to-month)

A 25-54 -35.3% from JAN’13 (year-to-year)

In a similar fashion, Hannity has boosted audience in several other key markets, including the following:

Los Angeles

KEIB-AM – year over year growth with P 12+ and Adults 25-54

San Francisco

KNEW-AM – year over year growth with P 12+


KSKY-AM – year over year growth with P 12+ and Adults 25-54

See the Politico story here

RBR-TVBR observation: Savage continues to re-invent radio. A different show every day, full-spectrum from politics to medicine to the arts. Nothing predictable here, folks, and that’s why he’s gaining and winning in some of these markets.


  1. Interesting, more interesting would be to see Hannity’s Jan 2013 numbers vs. Savage’s Jan 2014 on same stations. This would show if Savage is holding the old Hannity audience or if it’s lower (on stations where Savage replaced Hannity). The story posted is comparing the two where Hannity is now on much weaker stations. Also I’d love to see TSL, Who is holding audience better?

  2. From a puzzled Philadelphia follower.

    Hello, Michael

    Where have you gone. Philadelphia misses you on the Radio. The internet is not always available for listening.

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