Modular, ‘Plug and Play’ Options Arrive For SBG Shows


These are challenging times for many broadcast media companies, due to the novel coronavirus crisis. As such, Sun Broadcast Group (SBG) says it has “restructured” all of its 24/7 formats and long-form shows “to make them more accessible to stations.”

“With the understanding that all radio revenues are suffering, and we are in a stressful time with industry-wide cutbacks and furloughs, SBG hopes to be a support system for any station or group needing assistance,” the company explains in making the formats and shows more readily available with modular and plug and play options for stations.

“Our goal is to provide help for radio stations immediately,” stated Sun Broadcast Group’s Chief Development Officer, Danno Wolkoff. “All programming that SBG is offering has been redesigned to plug and play so that we can turnkey any transition within 24 hours. We cannot let stations go dark.”

Stations can now have access to various SBG 24/7 formats that are “plug and play” with any automation and programming to fit all daypart, as well as voice tracking for any air shift, SBG says.


SBG 24/7 Formats Available:
BOB FM, Easy FM, HANK FM, Jammin’ Radio. LoudFM, Made in Texas Radio, The Maxx, MeTV FM, The Planet, Radio Lazer, The Revolution and The Rock
Long Form Shows Available:
The Michael Baisden Show, The Sam Alex Show, Woody and Wilcox, Ashley and Brad, and Throwback Nation with Tony Lorino, among others.
For more information regarding SBG’s 24/7 formats and shows, click here.