SBG Offers Production and Imaging Services To Combat COVID-19 Challenges


Having the right imaging and production services are essential to a station’s identity. Perhaps this is especially important during the novel coronavirus crisis. 

With many stations short-staffed or unable to physically get into the studio, and for radio stations experiencing difficulties updating their imaging and commercial production, Sun Broadcast Group is touting its slate of services and its ability to offer help through immediate access to any station in need. 

Among the Imaging and Production Services available are:

  • Absolute Imaging – Continuously growing imaging library containing over 20,000 top-market level audio cuts. Allows users to create a truly unique sound and brand their station to stand out from others using corporate services.
  • AudioChopShop – A comprehensive web-based imaging and production elements library that can be accessed online, 24/7 at AudioChopShop caters to multiple formats, providing all the pieces and parts you need to image your radio station with pre-produced elements including effects, jingles, music beds, listener and artist drops, sweepers, and much more.
  • Express VO – Provides dynamic top-industry voice over talent for station spots, promos and imaging. Simply send over a script up to 60 seconds long for a spot, promo or imaging and the ExpressVO talent records it and sends it back. Combine ExpressVO with Spot Voltage and together the two services can provide a powerful tool for streamlining your on-air sound.
  • Imaging Chop Shop – turnkeyfully produced voice over and imaging solution. Clients receive one page of fully produced imaging weekly voiced by a team of radio’s best voice and production talents.
  • SpotMe – Allows you to have more control in downloading and customizing spec spots you need within minutes. SpotMe updates every month with fresh commercials to give your station a competitive edge. 
  • SPLAT! Radio Imaging – Has one of the biggest imaging databases in the industry with 8 formats, unlimited downloads, and offers an array of solutions to help you work smart and use your resources, and your time, wisely. allows users to optimize production flow and get imaging quick, with a targeted purpose.
  • Spot Voltage  platform that provides creative, fully produced sessions and scripts for radio stations looking to have their spots stand out and deliver better results for clients. Spot Voltage has everything to make spots sound better and produce quality breaks for advertisers. Instant spot production with same day service available to affiliates.
  • VOZ Express – turnkey, online service providing stations with access to the top Spanish-speaking female and male commercial voices. Will help production departments add more variety to their spots and production elements. Able to translate English commercial copy into Spanish audio spots.

For more information regarding SBG’s features and services, click here.