Who Just Re-Elected Its Network Ad Sales Partner?



A Florida-based national radio network has extended its network ad sales agreement with RadioTraffic.com for an additional two years.

The renewal with Sun Broadcast Group allows national ad sales support services, seen since 2015, to continue unabated.

“We are very pleased with the trust that RadioTraffic continues to place in Sun Broadcast Group.” said Sun COO Julio Aponte. “This extension of our agreement with Dave and his incredible team is a testament to our dedication to the success our partners.”

rt_drop3Dave Scott, the founder and President of RadioTraffic, added, “It’s a pleasure to continue our very successful relationship with Sun Broadcast Group so our large market stations can enjoy our traffic and billing service on a barter basis.”

Sun, a national radio network with English-language and Spanish-language syndicated offerings, also offers ad sales representation, syndication and programming support to producers, hosts and radio networks nationwide. Offerings include the Sun Select RADAR Network, the NCAA College Football Game of The Week, The Hit List with Fitz, Slacker & Steve, The Country Club with Dee Jay Silver, The Little League World Series, and Shazam For Radio.

Scott’s companies have been vendors to the radio broadcast industry for 40 years. RadioTraffic is software used by radio stations to enter advertising orders, create and auto-reconcile commercial logs, and invoice sponsors and agencies. It works with cloud-based data from anywhere with internet access.

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