SBS launches RED 96 “Noticias FM” in PR


Spanish Broadcasting System announced RED 96 “Noticias FM” (News FM).  Covering breaking news and providing political analysis, the station will be the first Spanish FM that broadcasts world, political, business, sports and entertainment news 24/7 in the US/Puerto Rico.  It launches today on WMEG Mega 106.9 FM, WIOA Estereotempo 99.9FM, WCMA Romance 96.5FM, WZNT Zeta 93.7FM and WODA Reggaeton 94.7FM.

A key component of RED 96 will be its ongoing live presence at the scene of breaking news events around the country and Puerto Rico.  The station will have a network of correspondent journalists stationed in several major cities of the United States such as: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.  All of these cities will have regular, live broadcasts directly from their respective locations. 

The new programming for the station will consist of a staff of renowned journalists and political analysts including Oscar J. Serrano, Omaya Sosa Pascual, Jesús Rodríguez García, Yolanda Vélez Arcelay, Jay Fonseca and Benny Frankie Cerezo.