Local TV News Gets Another Digital Platform


With more and more TV viewers embracing “over-the-top” (OTT) choices for entertainment, sports and informational programming, the need for broadcast TV stations to have their original content everywhere is more essential than ever.

To help bring this goal to fruition, a New York-based company has unveiled an online and digital platform that aggregates local TV news and, at the same time, enables local broadcasters to build OTT channels on a new app.

Introducing the SBTV platform from Syncbak.

Like station apps, SBTV is designed to aggregate station news programs and other original shows, much like TuneIn does for radio station partners, eschewing the need for consumers to access station app after station app — a chore when channel-hopping in an OTT world.

Syncbak also believes it’s on to a key NTR driver for broadcast TV. On the evening of May 16, it conducted a direct-to-OTT live stream with dynamic ad insertion to viewers across all 210 DMAs.

The backbone for SBTV is Syncbak’s  SimpleSync platform, used for local programming on services such as CBS All Access, Hulu, fuboTV, and hundreds of local station apps and websites.

“I started Syncbak to connect every broadcaster to every viewer over the Internet,” Syncback founder and CEO Jack Perry said. “With SBTV our aim is even higher – to connect broadcasters, viewers, content owners, and advertisers. We see this as the future of OTT.”

SBTV is comprised of three components.

Via the SimpleSync OTT Platform, a local television station can add and broadcast any content over-the-top to any vMVPD, as well as power their station websites and news apps with the SBTV platform.

Then there’s the Cloud Syndication Marketplace, on which content owners can syndicate and license their programming for OTT delivery – live, on-demand or both – through local television stations that participate on SBTV.

In addition, stations with original programming can be placed into the marketplace for it to be syndicated in markets where the broadcaster currently does not have a station. For example, Gray Television’s MomsEveryday is carried via OTT across its 56 DMAs and made available on SBTV to stations in the other 154 DMAs.

Additionally, Syncbak’s DAI technology adSync automatically manages local and national advertising spots based on the location of the viewer. When the originating local station has exclusive rights to the programming, it can sell ads against that inventory, providing the station with an additional revenue stream.

“We’re very excited about the possibilities for our live local programming,” said Julia Campbell, VP/Media Systems at Gray Television. “With SBTV this past March, our station KTUU-2 in Anchorage, Alaska was able to carry the Iditarod dogsled race live locally and build an audience nationwide.”

Brian Brady, CEO of Northwest Broadcasting, also chimed in. “SBTV gives our stations the tools we need to deliver our own, unique, hyperlocal OTT channels. Since Syncbak is the leader in providing linear feeds to the vMVPDs, I know every one of my stations is ready for subscription OTT as well.”

The first show placed into the Cloud Syndication Marketplace is the food series food. Curated., which airs in New York. It was immediately syndicated in every DMA where SBTV has a local affiliate.

The SBTV app is available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

What TV stations are already on the SBTV platform? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.