Scammers use FTC to harvest bank account numbers


FTC / Federal Trade CommissionThe Federal Trade Commission is warning citizens to ignore robocalls telling them they may be in for a redress check, then sending them to a fraudulent website that asks them for vital personal information.

FTC said, “Scammers are using illegal robocalls to impersonate the Federal Trade Commission, and to try to trick consumers into disclosing their bank account information on a non-FTC website, the agency warns.  The scammers’ robocalls direct consumers to the website, which deceives consumers into thinking they can get, or expedite, a refund from the FTC by entering their bank account information into a form on the website.”

The scam uses the FTC’s consumer help line to help sell the con, but the website involved has nothing whatsoever to do with the FTC.

The FTC does routinely handle cases that involve consumer redress. It suggests consumers with questions about the process visit “Getting Your Money Back: Consumer Refunds” at