Scarborough expands cell phone-only sampling


With more and more US households cutting the cord, research companies are moving to include cell phone-only (CPO) households in their market samples. Scarborough Research is the latest to announce the addition of CPO households in more of its markets.

Scarborough had first introduced CPO sampling in 10 markets as announced in August 2009. Now it is adding 20 additional markets for a total of 30. In 2011, the remainder of the Scarborough Top-Tier markets will receive CPO treatment.

“Scarborough stands out from our competitors as we are the only local market qualitative service with cell phone-only treatment,” said Gregg Lindner, Executive Vice President, Research and Operations, Scarborough Research. “Scarborough Research is committed to high-quality data, and we continuously invest in our product to ensure our information exceeds expectations. CPO joins a long and distinguished list of advancements we continue to make in research quality, including response rates improvement initiatives and Media Rating Council accreditation,” he added.

Here are the 20 additional markets which will receive CPO treatment, effective with the second release of data in 2010:

Albany, NY
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD 
Charlotte, NC 
Chattanooga, TN
Des Moines, IA 
Fresno, CA 
Jacksonville, FL 
Kansas City, MO
Knoxville, TN 
Lexington, KY 
Memphis, TN 
Milwaukee, WI 
Phoenix, AZ
Rochester, NY
San Diego, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
Seattle, WA
Toledo, OH
Tulsa, OH

“CPO enhances our sample composition among traditionally hard to reach young and multicultural populations. We are enthusiastic and confident in our ability to deliver our clients consistently reliable data that is properly representative of today’s consumers,” said Steve Seraita, Executive Vice President, Sales, Scarborough Research.

Scarborough Research employs an address-based sample to identify cell phone-only households.  This CPO sample is combined with the company’s traditional landline telephone sample frame currently used to collect data for its syndicated Top-Tier Local Market service.