Scarborough Insights Spread To All DMAs


In-depth consumer behavior data is now available on a DMA level in every measured market across the U.S.

Nielsen Scarborough has been rolled out to all 210 markets in which Nielsen delivers ratings data.

Scarborough provides in-depth consumer behavior data on more than 2,000 categories regarding local shopping, product purchasing, lifestyle and media usage.

Scarborough ResearchSimilar to syndicated data from Experian Marketing Services and research provided by companies including GfK and Mintel, Nielsen Scarborough seeks to give media companies, agencies and advertisers a complete view of the local market consumer.

The expansion, which will begin introducing new markets in the second half of 2017, will add 59 DMAs to the 151 currently measured markets, providing measurement nationwide of more than 300,000 adults annually.

The expansion also sees Scarborough bringing newspaper currency measurement to the remaining markets across the U.S.

“Having Scarborough available in every local market is key for our local media measurement strategy across television, audio, newspaper, out-of-home and sports,” said Nielsen President/Product Leadership Megan Clarken. “Delivering on deeper local consumer insights enables buyers and sellers to make smarter decisions about local consumers based on where they shop, what they buy, what they do, and what they watch, read, and listen to.”

The expansion of Nielsen Scarborough will allow clients to directly combine Nielsen’s TV and radio ratings with the local Scarborough behavioral data, enhanced with credit card transaction data from Nielsen Buyer Insights and automotive data from third parties.

“By directly bringing together the local TV and radio currency data with the Scarborough true local market data, we can help our clients demonstrate the unique value of their audiences and enable advertisers to reach those valuable consumers across automotive, financial services, retail, telecommunications and many other spending categories,” Clarken said.