Scarborough thinks local


Scarborough Research announced that the company is evaluating the opportunity to expand its local market services and is in the process of “fully exploring” the option of measuring additional markets. The company measures 81 US DMA through its Top-Tier Service. Scarborough has added another 15 markets through a Mid-Tier study over the past two years. For the Top-Tier and Mid-Tier services, the Scarborough survey measures retail shopping behavior, multimedia usage and leisure/lifestyle patterns of adults ages 18 and older. This information is used by media companies, advertising agencies and marketers in the planning, buying and selling of media, as well as in strategy development, customer acquisition and retention.

“The Scarborough brand name is synonymous with local marketing. Expanding the markets we survey is a logical extension of our expertise,” said Bob Cohen, President & CEO of Scarborough Research. “The marketplace receptivity and interest in our Mid-Tier services demonstrates that there is an escalating demand for our customers to understand consumer behavior in additional local markets. Taking into consideration the distinctions and dynamics of consumer purchasing and media preferences — no matter if it is Main Street or Wall Street — is paramount for success in today’s increasingly fragmented retail and media landscape,” he said.

There was no immediate word on which new markets will be added. “We have a team of experts exploring the viability of this service and I am confident that with market support, we can bring a product to more local geographies.” said Steve Seraita, Executive Vice President of Sales for Scarborough Research.