SCBA reports strong radio revenue


scbaThe Southern California Broadcasters Association (SCBA) reported a robust July 2013 X-Ray revenue report from Miller Kaplan. The critical Auto category alone was up 9.6% over last July with Beverages, Financial Services, Concerts, Grocers, Casinos, and Professional Services all showing double digit growth. Beyond the impressive 3.8% overall growth, the real story to July’s successful report is new business. On a YTD basis, Southern California Radio attracted an 485 new clients who invested a record $30,550,000 through July 2013.

“Our reported revenue for July 2013 made it another banner month for Southern California Radio,” said SCBA President Thom Callahan. “According to Miller Kaplan, Los Angeles advertising revenue was up 3.8% over July 2012 with 8 of the top 10 advertiser categories growing over the same period. On a YTD basis, impressive category growth was recorded in Education up 41.5%, Transportation up 32.6%, Department Stores/Shopping Centers up 40.7% and Appliances/Electronics up 82.8%.

As this report clearly shows, the revenue growth for Southern California Radio is compelling. Our continued month over month and YTD upward trends, as well as significant increases in key categories and phenomenal new business development, is a rock solid testament to the health and vitality of our Radio station members,” said Callahan.

He added, “month after month, these documented revenue growth reports starkly conflict with all the ‘radio is dead’ noise we continue to read about in the press. The facts are obvious; Southern California Radio is a potent advertising partner and 485 new advertisers found that out in the first 7 months of 2013. Based on our member feedback, August will be bigger than July, which will set the stage for a dramatic and convincing 4th quarter from the world’s largest Radio revenue market.”