SciFi's Ghost Hunters, Roto-Rooter launch “bathroom reader book”


We wonder what the reach and frequency of this campaign might be! Roto-Rooter has unveiled its latest creation to bring joy and relief to bathroom users everywhere. Chilling Tales from the Porcelain Seat is a vignette-style bathroom reader featuring real life Roto-Rooter plumbers and SciFi channel’s Ghost Hunters Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. “Chilling Tales” from the Porcelain Seat features strange but true tales of plumbing horrors and hilarity and is available for purchase at

The idea behind the book stems from all the strange, odd, unexplained and simply weird experiences both the Ghost Hunters and other Roto-Rooter plumbers have witnessed over the years involving pipes, drains, sinks and toilets. “Many of the locations alleged to have poltergeists simply turn out to be plumbing issues, clanging pipes and DIY projects gone wrong,” Hawes said.

The book is also filled with practical tips, advice and what not to do’s for do-it-yourselfers who may be looking to tackle a plumbing problem, although Hawes wryly admits that his best do it yourself plumbing advice is to call an experienced plumber. Chilling Tales features toilet trivia and even a special foreword by the Porcelain God himself.