Scottrade campaign integrates social media, television


Online investing firm Scottrade has launched its new “Welcome To Scottrade” television, online and social media campaign. The effort goes beyond showcasing Scottrade’s $7 online stock trades to highlight the multitude of available resources and support it provides to help investors make better decisions. In the creative, Scottrade is portrayed as a community where the residents are knowledgeable and engaged investors who enjoy strategizing, trading and learning more about investing. The direction is based on the idea that Scottrade offers the tools, resources and support investors need to become more successful. The first three of six total television spots begin airing 9/14, via Boston-based Gearon Hoffman. The ads will run alongside Scottrade’s Don’t Go campaign, which launched in January and features the humorous poor-customer-service antics of Chad Ridgeway. Chad also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Scottrade’s Carrie Trent tells RBR-TVBR the new ads are airing on the same financial, news and lifestyle channels as the other Scottrade ads did that feature Chad Ridgeway.  “Both campaigns will air into 2011, with the “Welcome” commercials more frequent at first. For Television, we advertise on A&E, Biography, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, CNN/HLN, ESPN/ESPN2/ESPN News, Fox Business, Fox News, Golf Channel, History, Hotel Vision, MSNBC. We also advertise on the internet, newspapers and magazines.”

The television, online display and search ads will drive investors to and the firm’s new Facebook tab, redesigned Twitter page and Welcome To Scottrade YouTube channel. Visitors to the site will discover the experience they can expect as a Scottrade customer.