Scripps Pumps Up OTT Advertiser Connection Tool


The seemingly incessant shift of consumer attention and eyeballs from traditional video platforms to “over-the-top” brands has led The E.W. Scripps Company to develop a new ad sales tool designed to bridge the gap between marketers and OTT audiences.

Introducing Scripps Octane, “a tool designed with changing audience habits in mind.”

The new service, being rolled out October 7, allows marketers to target by product, or device, and also by dayparts or geography.

“Octane has flexibility of choice, with an upfront, simple price,” the company notes in a promotional video.

With 40.2 million cord-cutters and cord-nevers in the U.S., based on Scripps’ data, “OTT platforms are essential to reach this growing, ad-engaged audience,” the company notes.

It does not make note of the use of ad-free subscription-based premium OTT platforms including Amazon Video or Netflix.

That said, consumers are flocking to ad-supported versions of Hulu, and even its own products, such as Newsy — available on devices such as Roku via a free downloadable app.

Selections include “regular” and “premium” offerings for advertisers, along with expressways, if you will, for Sports, Spanish, News and Political.

  • Scripps Octane Regular offers ad placement through a combination of direct relationships and on-demand exchanges to help advertisers maximize their marketing spend.
  • Scripps Octane Premium offers direct ad placements with premium providers and allows advertisers to place ads within specific content categories such as sports, news or Spanish language programming.


A customized dashboard offers users the ability to view and track results, to measure and maximize reach.

Scripps sales teams are being charged with helping marketers and brand managers build targeted OTT campaigns.

“We know that about 204 million people in the U.S. will view OTT content this year, and those audiences are increasingly diverse in terms of their interests and consumption habits,”  Scripps VP of Local Media Sales Missy Evenson said. “Scripps Octane represents a path for our local advertisers to reach these audiences with built-in transparency and reporting tools to ensure their messages are resonating with the right audiences. We are excited to bring this solution to advertisers across the country as they navigate the changing broadcasting landscape.”

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