Sea-Comm Media's Wilmington, NC stations to be sold?


Its Wilmington, NC radio stations are in negotiations to be sold, GM Paul Knight told the Wilmington Star News. The sale of The Big Talker, 93.7 and 106.3 (WLTT-FM, WNTB-FM); Classic Rock The Bone, 103.7 (WBNE-FM); and AAA The Penguin, 98.3 (WUIN-FM) would include the stations, their facilities and assets, but not the parent company, based in Connecticut.

He said he could not name the possible buyer as no contract had yet been signed, but that it would be the company’s first expansion beyond its home market.

Sea-Comm’s owner is Rick Jorgensen, who was not reached in the article for confirmation. The Sea-Comm station cluster here has been for sale at least since 2006, WAAV personality Curtis Wright told the paper. He hosted “The Morning Beat” on The Talker until Knight fired him in 2010.

RBR-TVBR left word with Knight for furter comment.