Sean Hannity about to get bounced from LDS SLC radio


Salt Lake City blowtorch KSL-AM (and its FM siblings) are said to be ending their relationship with conservative Fox News Channel/Premiere Radio Networks personality Sean Hannity, on grounds that he doesn’t fit in with the Latter Day Saints code of conduct.

According to blogger Glen Warchol, whose Salt Lake Crawl appears in the Salt Lake Tribune, Hannity’s propensity to use uncivil language is running counter to a list of values that KLS owner Deseret Media Companies is adhering to. Among the tenets are things like “I promote integrity, civility, morality, and respect for all people” and “I seek to lift, inspire, and help others find enduring happiness.”

KSL is ready to drop Hannity despite the fact that his show is doing very well.

According to Warchol, the fall-out is being felt throughout Deseret’s SLC properties. The ultimate ownership of the company is held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Hannity is not expected to fall very far, however. Clear Channel, which owns the radio network that carries Hannity’s program, also owns KNRS-FM in Salt Lake City and is said to be ready to pounce on him as soon as he becomes available.

RBR-TVBR observation: Apparently it’s not Hannity’s opinions, but the way that he states them, that is causing the problem. At any rate, it’s very unusual in the world of capitalism to see principle, as in moral value, trump principle, as in investable cash.