Sean Hannity to participate in Move America Forward Troopathon


Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, announced Sean Hannity has agreed to participate in the third annual “Troopathon” which is set to take place 7/1 live from the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, CA. The Troopathon is a once-a-year fundraiser held by the group and consists of an 8 hour live video broadcast over the web and radio.

This will be the third year that Sean Hannity has agreed to participate in the Troopathon, after joining the broadcast by phone previously. Support from Sean Hannity, among other big-name guests that have agreed to participate, helps promote the event to support the troops to thousands of new viewers and listeners.

The fundraising event is styled after a typical TV telethon and over the first 2 years that the event has been held, the organization has raised over $2 million to send support to troops overseas. This year the group is hoping to break their previously set record of $1.3 million raised on a single night.

Hannity’s own Freedom Concerts have raised millions to support the troops, as well as dozens of other philanthropic causes that Sean has given to. The success of previous Troopathons is thanks in part to Hannity’s contributions.