Sean Lowe gets called out on The Women Tell All


Woahh, I’m still slightly shaking from the AshLee Frazier vs. Sean Lowe “admit that you said that the other two girls meant nothing to you” showdown.  Who should we believe?  What does it all mean?  Is AshLee coming off as “sour grapes” as The Husband mentioned or is there some truth to this declaration?  AshLee can certainly spew venom when she’s angry – how crazy to call out the Golden Boy on  international television.  I was LOVING the footage we got to see when they didn’t realize the cameras had started to roll again.  She really has to have a strong backbone and such confidence to stay strong in her conviction.  That or she’s really nuts.

My conclusion: Sean probably did say something LIKE that in the heat of the moment.  They were in the fantasy suite, for heaven’s sake!  AshLee was already hearing from Sean that he wanted her to meet his family and she’s be best friends with his sister – maybe he got caught up in the moment.  Sean was kind of dumbfounded when she actually called him out on saying he wasn’t interested in the other two ladies.  What was he supposed to say – “Yeah, you’re right, AshLee, I am not interested in any of you and in fact, we already broke up. Let’s cancel the finale.”  That was never going to happen.

I wonder if they coached Sean into the answer he did give which seemed like an absolutely PERFECT answer: “I obviously said something that misled AshLee and for that, I am sorry.”  An apology and a denial all in one.

AshLee is out of her mind, btw, to expect Sean to check up on her because he’s a “Southern Gentleman.”  And she said she felt “dishonored!” Doesn’t she know how the show works?  I liked his response to that one too – that he knew she was strong enough to recover and him going to see her would only make things worse.  He MUST have been coached.

I think they are grooming us to fall in love with Desiree – potentially to be our next Bachelorette.  Because who else could it really be?  I don’t think Catherine or Lindsay could carry the show – do you?  Each are sweet and fun, but I’m not sure they have “leading lady” charisma.  Who knows? Maybe they’ll prove me wrong.  As for Des – not sure I’m a fan of her missing bangs looked.  Her hair and natural “Katie Holmes” look was the best part about her.  I’m not sure I’m into her whole “gussied up” look and that white fitted dress she wore was totally picked out by a stylist to show off her curves.  I remember they gave Ashley Herbert a complete makeover before the Women Tell All and also tried to “sell” her.  Hmmmm.

I’m bummed they didn’t address Lesley M’s time with Sean AT ALL considering she’s obviously the funniest and smartest of the group.  Loved her Tierra comments (Tierra’s made her “cot,” now she has to lie in it.”)

Where did that African American girl, Brooke, come from?  I can’t stand when irrelevant contestants come back on the WTA and say nasty, opinionated things just to hear their own voice (e.g., Jaclyn Swartz).

There was a lot of hair changes since the show aired.  Jackie went from an adorable redhead to a vixen like brunette with an insane statement necklace.  AshLee got extensions and went blonder.  Des lost her bangs.  Robyn got her hair chopped. Selma still was stunning, but her heavy lip gloss did kind of freak me out.

It was great seeing Sarah again but kind of annoying to see all the audience members frowning at her and pitying her.  I think this is adding to her own self pity.  I LOVE Sarah and hope she is swarmed by tons of good looking, smart, awesome, fun guys to give her what she deserves.

Poor Tierra – she has no idea what a freak she is.  I don’t think the ladies expressed very well why they had a problem with her.  Why didn’t AshLee call her out for saying she was a cougar? There’s a specific example of Tierra being rude and ignorant.  I guess she was saving her energy for Sean.  Thankfully, we did get some good entertainment, particularly when Tierra declares that she “lights up a room.”  She certainly did.  BTW, I was wondering if Tierra would take the Courtney Robertson road, which was basically to admit that after watching the show air that it was not the best format for her, she was regretful of her actions and apologized to the girls.  Tierra went the opposite direction.  Not only did she feel she had anything to apologize for, she wanted the girls to tell her if she ever said anything to wrong them.  Talk about living on your own planet.  Like I said – I ended up just feeling bad for her.  She in her own little bubble Tierra world complete with arched eyebrows and sparkle.  Why should she ever want to leave?

Radio silence from Kacie B (though lots of facial expressions), Kristy (the model), Amanda (she was another unpopular person in the house – wonder why they didn’t bother her), Daniella (who also went much blonder) and Leslie (Pretty Woman dream date girl).  In fact, we heard more from Brooke than any of these girls.  Now I’m really annoyed.

My favorite parts of the show:

  • I absolutely loved when Chris Harrison and Sean crashed the viewing parties.  I can only imagine what it must be like to be totally caught up in the show (hell – ANY show) and all of a sudden the “stars” of the show walk right into your living room.  The reactions were hysterical to watch.  I particularly loved the UCLA sorority house reaction.  There looked to be 100+ screaming women in that room.  What a crazy thing.
  • Loved watching Tierra spray herself with perfume and check herself out in the mirror before she went on camera.
  • I loved that Chris Harrison pretended not to know the details of Tierra’s engagement.  At one point he says, “You’re engaged to someone that you already knew?” COME ON, CHRIS.  This was all over the news – there’s no way he doesn’t know this.  It was kind of awesome to watch him ask Tierra about when she got engaged and for her to respond, “No comment.”  Which is code for: DAYS AFTER I LEFT THE BACHELOR CRYING FOR SEAN.
  • Tierra: Who cares about my eyebrow?  Chris: AMERICA does.
  • Tierra: “When I was a little girl, I won Miss Nevada…”
  • Watching AshLee on the show – besides her crazy confrontation with Sean – it was the first time I actually saw her smile with teeth.  She was really enjoying herself.  I bet she could be a lot of fun when not intense.  Although, the fun didn’t last very long.  I still feel awkward for how she made Sean squirm.
  • Loved how Des tells Sean that her brother “does like” him.  Most pointless statement of the night.  Though I’m sure Sean was coached to say how much people ragged on him when he said goodbye to Des – this is part of the “selling” of her as the potential next Bachelorette.
  • How awesome to see Chris Harrison sitting next to a shirtless Sean for an interview.  He should be required to take his shirt off at all times.  Oh wait, it practically was.

Watching the previews for next week, I’m even more confused then ever.  Are we being led to believe that the letter is from Catherine?  And she has some big revelation?  What the hell is going on?  Did you know that the new season of the Bachelorette is set to air Monday, May 20th?    Which means it has to start filming like NOW.  Which means they probably already signed whoever the next Bachelorette is.  HMMMMMMM.  Will they tell us next week?

BTW, did anyone else get choked up to see pictures of that adorable dog at the end of the show and then learn that he DIED?  What are they trying to do to us??

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