Sears and Camaro achieve highest product placement in June


The Sears placement on ABC’s "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" had the top product placement score on broadcast network television in June, The Nielsen Company reported in a new metric based on both brand recognition and positive feeling.  According to Nielsen’s product placement measurement service, 58.1% of the "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" audience not only were able to recognize the presence of the Sears store brand during the program but also came away with a positive feeling for the brand as a result of that exposure. Among the cable network television programs currently being monitored by Nielsen’s product placement service, TLC’s "Rides" had the top product placement with a 63.0% audience recognition and positive feeling score for the Chevrolet Camaro brand. Place*Views, Nielsen’s enhanced product placement monitoring application, now provides scores on the impact that product placements have on television audiences, by episode and by brand.