Sears announces spot with Brett Favre


While Brett Favre’s waffling over whether to return to football may have come to a close, his indecision will live on in the new advertising campaign for the Sears Blue Electronics Crew, scheduled to begin airing this Saturday, 8/22.

The TV commercials feature Favre agonizing over selecting a new Samsung LED television. The scene unfolds through a discussion between Favre and a member of the Sears Blue Electronics Crew (actor Brad Morris from “The Second City” comedy club in Chicago). The two banter as Favre is undecided on his decision about a Samsung LED TV. In one scene, Morris describes Sears “No Regrets” real time price checks service as a way to help guys who have a tough time making decisions. “You know the type, right?” Morris says. “Yeah, those guys drive me crazy,” Favre quips.

In addition to the obvious play on Favre’s indecision, astute football fans will catch subtle humor in the commercials as Viking ships sail on the Samsung TV screens in the Sears electronics department, a play on his decision to return to football with the Minnesota team.

The commercial and funny outtakes show a different side of Favre’s personality – talking about ballet and a “tempting” purple TV. Outtakes are available on