Season Finale: 'The Bachelor' Brad more confused than ever


In this dramatic conclusion, Brad, who came back for a second chance at love, prepares to make one of the most difficult choices of his life. His search for love is now narrowed down to two very different women – Chantal and Emily — and he is falling in love with both of them.

Now, after having his family meet them in Cape Town, South Africa, and under immense pressure, he must make one final heart-wrenching decision that could change his life forever.

After three years of soul-searching, will he be able to propose to one of the women — and will she say yes? — on the season finale of “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, MARCH 14 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

With his search for his soul mate over, emotions run high, as Brad, talks to Chris Harrison about both Chantal and Emily, taking us back to those final days in South Africa. Three couples who have found their own soul mates on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” – Ali & Roberto, Jason & Molly and Trista & Ryan — return to share the very distinct ways in which they have found lasting happiness.

Then the woman who received Brad’s final rose joins him for the first time in public as a couple. They discuss the high and lows of their relationship, their near wedding plans that went awry, the difficulty of sustaining a relationship in secret and what the future holds for them. It’s the emotional ending to Brad’s heartfelt journey to finally find true love, on “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose,” MONDAY, MARCH 14 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET).

As Brad prepares to make the decision that might change his life forever, he reunites with his family who will meet the final two women and, hopefully, will be able to offer him some valuable advice.

Chantal arrives first and immediately professes her love for Brad. She assures the family that she has learned from her divorce and now knows exactly whom she wants in her life. She is so certain that Brad is that man, she tells his family she is ready to marry him right now. Brad’s family is drawn to Chantal’s outgoing personality, and Brad is thrilled that they think she would fit right in with them.

Chantal has set the bar high for Emily, and when she arrives, she is filled with anxiety. The tension escalates when Brad reveals to his family that Emily has a daughter. When she recounts the heartbreaking story of how her ex-fiance died in a plane crash, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. But Brad’s family is now more concerned about whether he’s really ready to step into fatherhood.

Brad’s family is impressed by both women. Now — more confused than ever — Brad hopes that his final individual dates with the bachelorettes will bring clarity as to whom he should choose to be his future wife.

Brad’s last date with Chantal, whom he considers a very strong woman, will test the love she feels for him as they go swimming with sharks.

After slipping into wetsuits and submerging in shark-infested waters in a cage, Chantal is justifiably terrified. But she knows she must do whatever is necessary to prove her love for him.

Later that night with the adrenaline rush behind them, Chantal opens up her heart to Brad. She may truly be the woman for him.

The next day Brad takes Emily on a helicopter ride soaring over Cape Town with gorgeous views of the Cape of Good Hope.

Everything seems to be going well until Emily takes Brad by surprise, questioning whether he is really ready to be a father to her daughter. Brad leaves the date totally confused and with the biggest decision of his life facing him.

Brad came back to find love a changed man, ready to open himself up to love as he never had before.

Will he complete his search with a proposal? And will the woman say yes?

The remaining two women are:

Chantal, 28, an executive assistant from Seattle, WA

Emily, 24, a children’s hospital event planner from Charlotte, NC

Immediately Following the Season Finale, Brad Looks Back at the Dramatic Ending to His Journey to Find Love, on “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose”.

Ali & Roberto, Jason & Molly and Trista & Ryan Return to Talk About Their Different Paths to Happiness During the Special.

Note: Hours after the “The Bachelor’s” final rose ceremony, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” will announce the next star of ABC’s The Bachelorette. “JKL” has the exclusive to reveal the identity of and interview the new Bachelorette on MONDAY, MARCH 14 at Midnight.

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(source: ABC)