Second Orlando DTV test announced


On Monday, September 15, 10 local Orlando TV stations will unite to conduct the second of three innovative DTV transition tests designed to prepare viewers for the end of analog television on February 17, 2009. 

At 7:59 p.m. on the 15th, the local television stations listed at the bottom of this document will each perform a one-minute test.  During the test, each station will first alert viewers to the upcoming test and explain how it will work.  The station will then simulate the termination of analog broadcasting by removing the video signal that feeds the analog transmitter for 20 seconds causing the screen to go dark.  On each participating station’s digital broadcasts — and on cable and satellite systems that receive direct feeds from the station — the station will notify viewers that they have successfully passed the test.  At the conclusion of each test, stations will notify viewers that if their screen went blank they need to take corrective action.  Also, during the test broadcasts, each station will provide a toll-free telephone number and website for additional DTV transition assistance.

According to consortium spokesperson Richard Monn, “Our initial test on June 25, was the first market-wide DTV test attempted anywhere in the country.  We were pleased with the results.  We provided valuable information to hundreds of callers who didn’t pass the test and needed help determining what steps to take next.”  He added, “All of the stations in our consortium promoted that test in local newscasts and promotional announcements two weeks prior to the event.  We will do the same this time.” 

Local stations partnering to provide the tests are WESH-TV, Channel 2 (Hearst-Argyle Television Inc.), WKMG-TV, Channel 6 (Post-Newsweek Stations Inc.), WFTV-TV, Channel 9 (Cox Enterprises Inc.), WCEU-TV, Channel 15 (Daytona Beach Community College District), WKCF-TV, Channel 18 (Hearst-Argyle Television Inc.),  WVEN-TV, Channel 26, (Entravision Communications Corporation.), WRDQ-TV, Channel 27 (Cox Enterprises Inc.), WOTF-TV, Channel 43 (Univision Communications, Inc.), WTGL-TV, Channel 45 (Good Life Broadcasting, Inc.) and WOPX-TV, Channel 56 (Ion Media Networks, Inc.).  To participate in the tests, viewers must watch one of the participating stations during the scheduled test times.