upgrades service, website


Online ad tracker has launched a new self-serve web service that makes broad and deep radio ad intelligence available to the entire radio community. The platform is a month to month service, with no long-term contracts required. It offers subscriptions for local advertisers and complete national data as well. The data in the system is virtually real-time and enables users to see summary data or drill down to a single occurrence of an ad.

The service was created through a partnership with Mediaguide, comprised of over 2,500 stations in 150 US markets. RBR-TVBR asked Mike Morin, SeeSpotRun’s CEO, how this new service differs from what SeeSpotRun offered previously and how it compares to competing services like MediaMonitors:

“The original SeeSpotRun engine was based on ad verification–you give us an ad and we tell you when and where it ran.  But that only gave advertisers one piece of the puzzle and we learned that deeper context was needed.  So we retooled SeeSpotRun to include entire competitive set of Mediaguide’s data so users could see where their ads ran, competitors ads ran and even where their ad was placed in a pod of ads on a station–a significantly larger value proposition.”

He adds, “Today, whether radio advertisers are getting airplay data from Mediaguide, MediaMonitors or Nielsen, it is all inclusive, and usually based on long-term contracts, which serves one segment of the industry effectively.  But, this put transparency out of the reach of a majority of the radio advertising community, which we did not believe made for a very vibrant marketplace.  SeeSpotRun is a refreshing new approach, intended to level the playing field by providing easy, affordable access to smaller radio advertisers and agencies. We are not sure what the implications of such transparency will be.  It is kind of an experiment. However, if we look at the digital space, we can see that timely access and transparency has become the new standard for advertising investment and radio has been behind.  It is time for radio to catch up and we believe SeeSpotRun is a step in the right direction.”

Key insights provided by SeeSpotRun include:
• Station Logs enabling advertisers to see where their ads ran relative to content and other ads.
• Advertiser Airplay providing comprehensive airplay data across markets and station ownership.
• Competitive Analysis displaying comparative ad data for advertisers in similar
• Audio Archives allowing subscribers to hear competitive ad messaging. was not created as a replacement for radio station reporting but as a business tool for advertisers small and large to correlate their advertising investment with business activity. Further, the system provides critical benchmarking data to help advertisers more effectively plan and buy radio advertising based on insight regarding competitive activity.

To subscribe, Morin tells us advertisers can sign up at For a limited time, the site is offering 14 day free trials to give the radio community a chance to become familiar with the service.