Seller ROI in resale of Little Rock AM


SoldWagenvoord Advertising Group bought KGHT-AM back in the spring of 2009, and now it’s reselling it as KLRG-AM – and the end result for the seller will be a fatter wallet. It’s a duopoly buy for Joel J. Kinlow.

Wagenvoord, headed by David and Lola Wagenvoord, contracted to buy the station from Mark Acker’s Metropolitan Radio Group on 3/27/09 for $225K.

The new price will be more than double that: $562.5K, in cash.

Among the things not included is the studio – Kinlow will have free use of it for two months after closing, but it isn’t included in the deal, and he’ll have to cover utilities during that period.
The seller has contracted with Nautel to make sure that the station’s daytime power output is a robust 50 kW.

It’s a Class B on 880 kHz, and while that 50 kW does an excellent job of covering Little Rock during the day, its directions 220 W night time signal only makes it to areas to the southwest of the city.

Kinlow already owns KJJI-AM in the market. It’s also a Class B, on 1190 kHz with 25 kW-D, 350 W-N, DA2. Its primary daytime signal covers only a small crescent of Little Rock, on its southeastern extremity, and at night it lacks the power to overcome its southeast orientation.